If you are interested in selling us a device, we can perform the diagnostic for free

If you decide to keep the device after receiving you receive our offer and the Diagnostic is completed The $25 dollar diagnostics fee is applied to cover the time spent determining the issue.

WARRANTY ON DEVICES (1-7 Business Days Turnaround):
Repair or Exchange, No Physical Damage
3-5 Day Exchange Policy, Loaner Phone Issued

If We Cannot Source Replacement We Will Refund for Device

6 Month Limited Warranty

Repair or Exchange Broken/Defective Under 30 Days IF no Physical Damage (No Additional Scratches to Frame and Bezel, No Charging Ports, No Microphones)

We Do Not Accept Returns On Functioning Devices

Charging Port Must Be Physically Damaged To Stop Working. This Could Include Plugging Into High Amperage Charging Module, Dirt and Debris or Water Damage


Phone Device Warranty

6-Month Limited Warranty on All Components Excluding Physical Damage
Charging Ports Can Be Excluded Due to Physical Damage (Must be Perfect)
1 Month on Logic Board
No Physical Damage

No Liquid Damage

15 Minutes Support for Setup

Mac Device Warranty
6-Month Limited Warranty on All Components Excluding Physical Damage
1 Month on Logic Board
1 Hour of Free Support


iPhone Repair (1-3 Hours Depending on Queue)
-We Do Not Cover Physical Damage
-Scratches To The Frame or Bezel After Repair, Void Your Warranty.
-Drops Void Your Warranty
-Exposure to Water Voids Your Warranty


iPad Repair (1-3 Business Days Depending on Queue)

-We Are Not a Factory Cannot Get It 100% Dust Free (But Do Excellent Work), While We Do Our Best To Ensure Repairs Are Clean. It is nearly impossible to get iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air 1, Mini 1/2/3 Perfect Due to the Design and Anti Glare Coating on the LCD Panel.
-We Use a World Renowned Silicone Based Adhesive Which Takes 2-4 Hours to Set.
-iPad Repairs Should Not Be Rushed
-We Will Cover Most Lifting Under Warranty

Liquid Repair Warranty

$25 Dollars Which We Waive If Successful, $75 if Successful

Liquid Damage is Not Covered Under Warranty

We Recommend A Backup is Made Immediately If Your Phone Is Repaired After Being