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We offer full service PC and Laptop repair. We stock many high quality parts for a variety of Desktops, Laptops and tablets including Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba and Google. Repair services include Screen Replacement, Hinge Replacement, Power Connector Replacement, Battery Replacement, Hard drive Replacement, Power Supply Replacement, RAM Replacement/Upgrade, Data Recovery, Windows Back Up and Installation. If you are unsure what the problem is  we can perform an accurate diagnostic. After diagnostics are completed we will call you with a quote before we proceed with the repair.

Won’t Boot Up?

You could be experiencing an issue with your operating System, Bootloader or Hard Drive. We can repair many software related  startup issues and replace faulty hardware please call to describe your current issue.

PC Running Slow?

Over time your Hard Drive will wear out causing your computer to run slowly.If you replace the Hard Drive in your Laptop/PC often times it will run like new again.

Looking for Tutoring?

Are you looking to expand your skill set? We offer courses on SEO, web development, social networking and general computer maintenance.

Have a Virus or MalWare?

Have an expert purge harmful software and applications which could be negatively effecting your productivity.

Not Enough Storage?

Add a Hard Drive to increase the amount of Data you can store on your computer

Need to Recover Lost Data?

Have you lost an important file or priceless picture? We can help you recover your photos and data off storage drives with file system errors.

We Service: Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba & Google