Kingston iPhone Repair

GenerationScreen (Aftermarket)Screen (Original)BatteryButton/Ports
iPhone 15 Pro Max$549$799$179$179
iPhone 15 Pro$399$799$169$169
iPhone 15 Plus$259$799$149$149
iPhone 15$259$699$149$139
iPhone 14 Pro Max$299$379$149$149
iPhone 14 Pro$399$669$149$139
iPhone 14$229$299$139$139
iPhone 13 Pro Max$259$329$149$129
iPhone 13 Pro$259$499$149$129
iPhone 13$229$269$139$129
iPhone 12 Pro Max$159$109 $109
iPhone 12 Pro$149$109 $119
iPhone 12$139$109 $119
iPhone 11 Pro Max $159$109 $119
iPhone 11 Pro $139$109$119
iPhone 11 $129$99$99
iPhone XS Max $119$99$99
iPhone XR $119$99$99
iPhone XS $119$99$99
iPhone X $119$89$89
iPhone 8 Plus$119$79$99
iPhone 8 $119$79$99
iPhone 7 Plus$109$69$69
iPhone 7$79$59$69
iPhone 6S Plus$89$59$69
iPhone 6S$79$49$69
iPhone 6 Plus$79$49$69
iPhone 6$79$49$59
iPhone 5S/SE$69$39$59
Tempered Glass$15
Liquid Cleaning Service$59 (If Successful)$35 (For Diagnostic)

1-3 Hour Service

(Depending on Queue)

We offer iPhone repair services including screen replacement, new batteries, buttons and charging ports. Excellent quality work at the prices you deserve. All work is completed by a knowledgeable technician with multiple years experience. Our competitive pricing and unbeatable turnaround makes us an excellent choice when deciding who will service your device. Extensive experience and long refined techniques give us the ability to provide Kingston with the best iPhone repair service for the lowest cost.

Cracked or Damaged Display?

Symptoms of a Damaged Display:

  • Cracked Glass
  • Black Screen
  • Multi-Colored Lines
  • Distortion on the LCD Panel

iPhone Battery Not Holding a Charge?

Symptoms of a Bad Battery:

  • Phone won’t last throughout the day.
  • Short battery life
  • Random power off

iPhone Button Not Working?

Symptoms of a Button:

  • Stuck Button
  • Non-Responsive Button (Rest of Phone Working)
  • Volume and Vibrator Switch Randomly Toggling

iPhone Not Charging?

Symptoms of a Bad Charing Port:

  • Will Not Charge, Otherwise Functioning Well
  • Trickle Charging
  • Mic Not Working
  • Disconnects From Computer or Charger Randomly

Home Button Issues

Symptoms of a Bad Home Button:

  • Unresponsive
  • Home Button Smashed
  • Spins
  • Works Intermittently
  • Missing

iPhone Liquid Damaged?

WAIT! Please Make Sure The Device is Off If It Has Been Recently Liquid Damaged.

Symptoms of a Liquid Damage (After Being Submerged):

  • Lagging or Stuttering
  • Short battery life
  • Random power off

We offer a liquid cleaning service that is able to revive many devices exposed to water, pee, beer, pop, juice, milk and more! Our logic board technician can also diagnose and repair many issues on damaged logic boards.


Fast, Friendly and Reliable Service. Technicians will complete repairs and contact you in the manner specified. Our qualified technicians are able to complete diagnose and resolve problems with almost any brand of smartphone. We can also perform component level repairs on logic boards.


We use Original parts when possible and OEM built to exact specifications when we are unable to use original parts. It’s worth noting Apple is a design company, they do not manufacture parts. All parts are manufactured in china and graded by quality.

Transparent Service

We are transparent with our customers in regards to the cost of parts, suppliers and operations. We have let customers watch repairs on several occasions. Our reputation has spread through word of mouth and our reviews were written by real people who recommend our service. We guarantee a genuine, stress-free experience at MobileEXPRESS.

We Service: iPhone 4,  4S, 5,  5C,  5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus,  7 and 7 Plus